1-25-14 – Tournament Day

On the ice at 6, the mile walk to the GPS coordinate was a cold one with wind in the face. By the end of the trek, It was quite warm! It didn’t take long to find fish but the bite didn’t really pick up until later in the day. We both spent the entire day in one area because of the fish that were there yesterday.

Bobby had the plan to sit in one hole as soon as he caught a crappie but I didn’t think I could do that. While we spent about an hour trying to get on some crappie, I watched Bobby’s first one come up. I also saw him pop the hook and go up to his elbow trying to make the scoop. With no luck and a wet arm, he grabbed his shack and was hidden behind is blue wall for almost the remainder of the day. He was quiet so I knew he was onto something.

I worked round and round but most of my crappie all came within a few minutes of each other. Towards noon, everyone cleared out and the bite picked up. Most holes held a crappie or two but it took a few minutes for them to replenish. Having a 20 yard circle of productive holes, a few of us pulled fish little by little.

At the weigh in, the majority of people came in with their limit of 6 fish. There were lots of nice crappie but the gills and perch, as expected, were on the smaller side. Bobby took 3rd with a weight of 3.65 pounds and I finished 25 with a weight of 2.92 pounds. After two tournaments, overall Bobby is in 3rd place and I am in 6th. Good start for us to the season so far!


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