1-26-14 – Gills Are Back!

While many local lakes holed quality bluegills in shallow waters year round, some of my favorites don’t. Finding them in the summer is relatively easy with a boat and good electronics but winter is another story. They tend to be on the move every day but when they move in the bite can be hot! Looking back at past years, the bite would be a little early but with this wacky winter it was worth a shot!

With another cold day in store, I wasn’t in a rush to get on the water too early. I slept in and was on the water shortly after 10am. I had the lake to myself until my buddy showed up. The wind was suppose to be out of the west so I selected a corner where I would be sheltered. As I got fishing, there was plenty of fish around and they were willing to bite. Unfortunately, the wind was highly variable switching almost constantly throughout the day. South, North, East, and West. It came from all directions.

We fished until almost dark with a steady bite right through. While most of the fish we caught were bluegill and pumpkinseed, the number of bass and pickerel around was sickening! I hooked and landed quite a few but only broke off once with a pickerel in the hole. As a bonus, I pulled one nice perch which I rarely see in this body of water! Champlain bound tomorrow!




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