2-2-14 – Back At It

After a few days at work, it was good to get back out on the water and yank on some fish. I started the day chasing deep water perch. They were schooled up following weed edges in 25’+. Most of the fish I caught were in 31 FOW and aggressive. It didn’t seem to matter how you worked your jig. If there was a fish, it bit! At times I had schools 10 feet thick! The only think that spooked them was cutting holes. It didn’t take long to realize that cutting one hole at a time was the way to go. Pretty good way to start the morning!

After the perch shut off around 9:30, I headed to some nearby weeds and started looking for the bluegill. In the mix I also found some pumpkinseed,pickerel, and largemouth. The fish were cruising above the weeds all day which was strange. Usually they hunker down for the mid part of the day and make me work for them!




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