2-3-13 – Shallow And Cold

While the next tournament was less than a week away, a slow bite at Mallets Bay was not enticing enough for me to go there and prefish alone. Rather, I met up with a buddy to chase around some shallow water panfish.

It was a cold day and the ice was plenty thick. With only  2-3 feet of water and no weeds under the ice, we started cutting holes searching for where the holding up as the sun rose. We found fish on a regular basis but they never seemed to be too concentrated. Using a flasher wasn’t much of an option because of the depth but the water was clear enough to see them come in.

As the day progressed, we found fish spread out over a large area. Working through the spread of hole over and over was productive until about sundown. I used orange tungsten all day and switched back and forth between a bubblegum Jamei from Maki Plastic and maggots.



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