2-4-14 – Perch Save The Day

With hopes of crappie, a buddy and I got on the ice early. Although we found 0 crappie on new water, we ended up salvaging the day with some perch.

We checked 4 bays throughout the course of the day and the bite was beyond tough. Nothing but dink perch seemed to want to bite anywhere. Fortunately, the bite for deep water perch recently has been decent. The perch came off a gradual 35-50 foot slope. So that I could release smaller fish, I tried to determine immediately after hook up whether they were big enough to keep. Coming out of such deep water, their air bladders were popping easily.

Using the truck as a wind break was almost necessary today due to the heavy winds. It was a wild one! Each move we made seemed to produce large perch immediately and from there the size dropped significantly with decent keepers in the mix. We can a drop shot rig with fatheads. Plastics didn’t seem to do much and maggots only caught the smallest fish.



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