2-10-14 – Nighttime Crappie

What better way to expand your time on the water than to get out at night. With a few Hydro Glow Fishing Lights packed in the car, we got on the ice just before sunset. We punched 4 holes inside of the hub style Clam shanty so that three of us could fish with one left in the center for the light.

To target these crappie, we set up in 8 feet of water that was about half stacked with dense weeds. We mainly worked above the weeds but from time to time dropped down in about a foot trying to shake things up. For the most part, the crappie were cruising the weed tops and the bluegill were down below.

The fishing went in spurts. Whether the fish were coming in one at a time or they got spooked when you would bring one up, there seemed to be a short gap between hook ups. We stayed on the ice until about 1 am with great numbers of quality fish.


IMG_0170 P1050340

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