2-15-14 – Valentine’s Smelting

While most people were out romancing their significant others on Valentine’s Day, I was at work. For a bit of redemption, my girlfriend Mary agreed to a Hydro Glow lit dinner on the ice chasing smelt. I got out of work a bit early so that we could be on the water before sunset. It was around 5 when we were set up in the shack with the Mr. Buddy heaters blazing.

It took three holes for us to find the mid 20’s depth that I was looking for and about 5 minutes with a submerged Hydro Glow to draw in 24 feet of fish. The first obstacle of the night was for Mary to learn the frustrations of hooking and then actually landing these tricky little buggers.

After I caught the first few, I agreed to let her try my spring bobber rod so that the bites were easier to detect. She quickly figured out how it was done and started to out fish me. I upgraded the single size 22 jig so that it would have a small spoon below for added weight. Before too long we were both bring in fish at a good pace.

The night ended when the wind started to pick up as we didn’t use the ice screws to secure the Clam hub shack down. While the night might not have been a typical date for most, Mary is excited to get back out!




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