2-24-14 – Long Day On The Ice

I dropped my girlfriend off at the airport early this morning and hit the water with my Hydro Glow Fishing Light. I punched two holes so that I didn’t have to fish in the same hole as the light. About 5 minutes after my first drop, I hooked up with a crappie. The bite stayed pretty steady until about 5:45 with a fish coming every few minutes.

As the sun started to poke over the horizon, the species switched from all crappie to bluegill and perch. I had planned on spending the entire day and a while after dark at this location so I spend a good portion of the day trying to locate a few sweet spots.

As the day got going, I found a few holes with tall weeds that had a nice opening right to the bottom. These holes seemed to produce all day and even better when someone would drive by or new holes were punched by others. While close noise moved fish away, far off noise pushed fish right into me.

For the better part of the day I moved around between the few productive holes that I had. Even though the crappie bite was slow during the day, I knew that they hadn’t gone far. As evening approached, I set up on a hole that was decent earlier in the day. With the light submerged about 25 minutes before dark, it was a waiting game at this point.

The waiting seemed to take forever and I don’t think I got a bite for close to an hour and a half. When the bite came it was a good one though! I ended up squeezing a 14″ crappie through a 6″ hole. It weighed 1.75 pounds and was followed up by a few that were only a bit smaller. I closed out the night around 9:30 after a long spell with nothing to speak of.




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