3-10-14 – Deep Water Crappie And Pike

I fished with my buddy Jamie and a group of 6 guys today. Mainly they wanted to set up tip ups so the morning bite was consumed with drilling and setting an ample number of traps across the lake. Although it was a nice day. A slight breeze in the air kept it from being warm.

The bite wasn’t hot but a few quality fish made the day. The highlight of the day was a 17-3/4″ crappie that weighed 2 pounds 13 ounces. One of the guys out there with us caught it on a tip up with a medium shiner. When approved, it will enter the record books at number 3.

Other than a slow but steady bite on the tip ups, jigging produced a few fish throughout the day but never any heavy runs. As evening approached, I was gathering up the last small cluster of tip ups that were out by myself. With four left on the ice, one fired and started screaming line. After a few minute battle, I had a 30 something inch pike topside. After getting someone for a picture, I released the fish and finished picking up.



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