3-11-14 – New Panfish Spot

I hit the water alone this morning. The plan was check out a new location and see what it had to offer. The walk in wasn’t as bad as previously thought and within a few feet of shore, I was punching holes. Planning on a cold day, I was dressed warm with my shack and all.

I didn’t end up using the shack or even wearing the jacket. The wind hadn’t picked up yet and the cold was overcome with warmth from punching holes. Luckily, after cooling down, I stayed warm catching fish. Within only a few holes, the number of perch that I had caught was pushing past 75. While they weren’t all keepers. I was averaging 10″ with a few over the 12″ mark.

As I started working through more of the holes, I found very limited weeds and perch just about everywhere. A subtle change from 5 to 4 feet brought different species under my feet. While bass were the predominate species, bluegill started to show up as well as weeds. The shallower I pushed the more bluegill I started to catch. Fishing only inches below the ice, I stumbled into some crappie. The size was lacking but I knew in time that I would find some better fish if I kept at it.

After spending the majority of the morning, I packed up and headed with a buddy to the North East Kingdom to look for some cusk.





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