3-23-14 – Pike All Day

A well and long planned trip for pike turned out to be a hellish day on the ice. Although the temperatures were suppose to be warm the 30 mph winds would make things interesting. Arriving on the ice with a bucket of bait, we opened up holes from the day before and started setting traps in about 5 feet of water.

Quickly, we learned  that the “warm” temperatures weren’t warm and the breeze cut right through all clothing. It was so cold that for the first time since Minnesota back in December, I felt the need to wear gloves and my balaclava!

Luckily, the action came in 2-4 fish bursts so we got time to warm up in the truck between sessions. Because of the cold, many of the fish that we caught never came out of the water. Of all the fish that we caught, I took one medium sized fish home as I have never tried a pike.

Highlight of the day started with a few pieces of bacon to grease the pan for the venison that was to follow. Nothing like a hot meal on a cold day!



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