3-25-14 – Whites On The Board

The cold in the air kept us moving in search of the nomadic pods of white crappie. The bite didn’t start early like we had hoped but the quality made up for it. The first fish up the hole was just shy of 15″. Not too bad!

As we covered more and more water, the bite stayed slow but we picked at fish as we moved. At times, we would get into small pockets of fish but never any big runs. After covering about a mile of water, we stumbled upon an area about 50 yards in wide that was holding a decent number of quality fish. They seemed to be working back and forth across a few holes that we had punched.

The hours were passing and we were content with the fish we had put in our buckets. What sounded better than continuing to fish? Maybe crappie for lunch! We had a bag of fillets from the night before so we headed home to fry them up. After chowing, I headed for home to clean some more fish for another day later in the week!




4 thoughts on “3-25-14 – Whites On The Board”

  1. Dylan, just wondering what your recommendations are for a submersible green 12V light.

    1. Hey frank this is Bobby, The hydroglow light it what we have been using for a few years now. This winter it proved to be very successful. I think there are a few left at Dockside.

      1. Thanks Bobby I’ll check it out when I go to town. Ice went out yesterday in front of my place here in North Hero. I woke up and it was shore to shore ice and at supper time it was all open water.

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