4-1-14 – April On The Ice

I put some hours in on the ice today. I started early looking for a bite in the dark. I caught a bunch of fish most of which were bluegill. The fish were suspending high and very aggressive. As sunrise approached, the number of crappie increased. As the sun came up, the bite slowed up for a bit.

When it was bright enough to use my underwater camera, I began looking for better size classes of fish as most of what I was seeing were small. It seemed that the bigger fish were in smaller water with crappie in the mix randomly. I spent a great deal of the day looking with the camera and targeting individual fish. While just about every hole had a crappie or two it was hard to get past the bluegill and pumpkinseed. In general, I would only fish holes that 5 or 6 crappie to better my odds.

While the fish were there, the numbers that I caught were not a great representation of what I saw. It was a tough bluebird day but at least it was warm! Before it got dark, I made my way off the ice to get home in time for dinner.

Check out Variety Of Panfish On Lake Champlain on our YouTube page for more action!


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