4-6-14 – The Eye Situation

With last April upon us and warmer temperatures, I decided to go see what the deal was with the walleye on the river instead of one last venture out on uncertain ice.  Our plan was to check the dams in hopes that some fish have began their spring run upstream.  We headed south and after a quick stop to grab a few dozen medium shiners, we reached the southern most dam.

I hadn’t got the boat out yet so we were limited to shore fishing.  After a short walk, we found ourselves situated on a rock outcropping located just below the dam adjacent to a concrete wall.  With my order of floating jigs not in yet, our presentation was a lead jig tipped with a minnow.  Fishing the bottom in these situations is tough, there are a lot of rocks and other debris on the bottom making snagging a frequent thing.  I was pitching into the slack eddy water, I felt something on the other end of the line, I set the hook but missed.  I’m pretty sure it was a fish but then again with all the debris contact it was difficult to determine what was a bite and what was a snag.  After going through a dozen jigs or so with no fish, we decided to head north to the next dam to see what was going on there.

The current was significantly slower here but the water was still moving a a pretty decent clip.  To make a long story short, more of the same, not bites, lots of lost jigs.  The water temperature was still a little chilly, only at 35 so we knew it may be a long day.  No fish, on to the next spot.

Our next stop was a a natural dam, nothing more than a few rapids and a few falls.  Upon arrival the local rescue team was there doing fast water exercises.  It was interesting to see but when their three boats racing through the pool I was trying to fish I knew chances were slim of hooking into a walleye.  With the afternoon upon us and a few hundred miles on the pickup we decided to call it a day.  Even though our efforts yielded no fish it was still successful.  We saw some new water and talked with a few old timers and picked up some tips.  Going back soon for sure with a few new tools in my bag. Lindy Floating rigs will help keep my bait off the bottom and hopefully allow my bait to hover in the strike zone without as many snags.  Time will tell.


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