4-13-14 – Boats Are Out

The first day in the boat for the season started early. There was a clear shot to the fishing spot from the launch with ice in most directions still anchored to shore. Once the Hydro Glow was submersed, the lines got wet. The water was was cold and it was pouring rain. Still had to try though.With another hour till sunrise, the bite wasn’t proving too good. Although I missed two good bites under the light, it wasn’t until after the sun was up that the first fish made it’s way into the boat.

Throughout the course of the day, I tried big plastics, small plastics, and live minnows. The bite was light and most bites came at the boat on a long cast. It didn’t seem to matter was was tied on as long as it was moving slow with long pauses. Most of the bites came while the bait was completely motionless. The muddy water most likely had the fish tracking the bait for quite a while.

Around 11am, the rain let up and the fishing came to a dead end. Fishing until 3pm yielded no more bites and with that long of a stretch, it was apparent that it was time to head home.



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