4-23-14 – Wild Day On The River

I had the opportunity to fish with Kevin Davis of Catch The Drift on the Oswego River today. Usually he is booked straight out but a few dates opened up short notice and by default I made quick work to fill one.

The river has been flowing and the spawning steelhead bite has been phenominal. When the shorelines of Ontario are calm enough, the bite this time of year cannot be beat. With the forecast we were dealt, the main lake was not an option so the river it would be!

We met Kevin just before sunrise and scoped out the situation. After launching the boat and shuttling a car at the destination, it was go time! we made our way upriver to the dam and got things rolling.

Within minutes of deploying small crankbaits for trolling we hooked up with a fish that shook the bait. From there it was on. We caught fish in every spot we took a crack at as long as the lures were bring. While steelhead were the main species we caught, there were also some rainbows, browns, and smallmouth bass.

As the bite on crankbaits slowed up mid morning, we started casting spawn sacs and or beads under a float. This was the ticket for the rest of the day. Until about 2:30, we caught fish consistently when we could match the float with the flow.

When it was time to go home, the four hour trip home was not looking so good but with the adrenalin flowing, we made it home in time to fish the next morning!






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