5-1-14 – 5-5-15 – Long Weekend On Pymatuning Reservoir

While walleye fishing in Vermont can be good at times, I took a trip with a buddy down to Pymatuning Reservoir in western Pennsylvania recently with only one species in mind. Up here, I am use to days consisting mostly of rockbass and smallmouth bass by catch but not this time.

Arriving late at night, we took the next morning to sleep in, get licenses, and do some touring of the area. In the afternoon, we hit the lake. The bite was tough, and the rain made it difficult to want to stay out. Both casting and drifting was slow. With only a few fish in the box, we called it an evening and made our way home.

The following morning we hit the water early but found not much other than perch and bass. After grabbing lunch, we got back out on the water. The wind had switched and the skies grew dark with showers in the near future. These changes triggered the fish into biting. After a successful first pass we tossed a marker buoy and almost instantly had to head in due to a thunder and lightening storm.

After the storm passed, the bite remained good long enough for a limit and then some. The fish weren’t huge and it took quite a bit of sorting to get the keepers. Many of the fish that made their way into the boat were 14.5″ while they had to be over 15″.

The next morning, we took our time getting out as the morning bite had been tough the day before. On our first pass, we tripled up and drew lots of attention even though we were trying to be sneaky. The first couple of passes were productive but quickly faded because of the increased boat pressure. To combat them we drifted out deep, tossed a marker buoy, got the net out, slapped high fives with some hooting and hollering and moved off the side of the flat.

Within minutes 20 boats converged in a small area while we sneaked back in shallow and got back to catching. With some nice fish in the boat, the trip was concluded. Even though we had until the following morning, cleaning fish and packing up the car was necessary for an early departure the following morning.







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