5-21-14 – Scouting Trip

With Memorial Day coming up quickly, I wanted to go find some bass so that I could take my cousins out for a successful trip. I launched my boat around 10:30 and was on fish right off. The wind was light and dead calm at times. I had more luck catching fish when the wind was blowing but it was far more difficult to sight fish them during those periods.

I was working the shoreline and found that most of the large fish were slightly deeper. Their beds were highly visible in the clear water and the darker the senko the better. Not only were the darker colors easier for me to see but the fish seemed to prefer them as well.

As the hours passed by, I had fished the entire shoreline so I figured it was time to go home rather than keep pounding on spawning fish. Over the course of 5.5 hours, I landed 68 bass and a few pickerel. The numbers landed should have been much higher but I went through periods when it seemed like I couldn’t hook up no matter what I did.





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