6-24-14 – Limit, Nap, And Go

I got on the water early this morning. I wanted to try to beat some of the high winds that were suppose to come through later in the day. Unfortunately, the waves were already over a foot and they weren’t suppose to lighten up at all.

The fishing started off pretty good. I began the day throwing crankbaits along the tall weed edges after my anchor wouldn’t hold. I was drifting roughly in 8-10 feet of water with a pretty good clip moving me along. I was throwing a splattershad “Crappie Crankbait” from Arkie Jigs. They dive 2-6′ depending on line, cast distance, and speed of retrieval. I chose this bait because I was able to dive it down to the weed tops where the crappie were holding. While these seemed to be holding everywhere there was a few spots that had a better size class of fish.

After I had nearly a limit of crappie, I decided to try anchoring up again. After a few attempts I finally got it to bite. Within a few casts, I located them. They preferred the chartreuse glo “Live” Baby Shad Sickle Tail from Lake Fork Trophy Lures. I tried other colors but nothing seemed to work. For the most part, the fish were holding up on the windward size of structure and were holding tight. Every cast that was correctly placed yielded either a fish or a snag.

After only a few hours on the water I had a limit. Because I had been up since 2 am I decided to take a nap. The hour long nap recharged my batteries just fine and made the drive home just a little more enjoyable!



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