6-29-14 – Bowfun All Day

It seems like a yearly trip now that a buddy and I go up for a day to the islands on Lake Champlain and chase bowfin sun up to sun down. It is hard to beat their action!

After catching a dozen or so bluegill, pumpkinseed, and perch we headed for a sheltered bay trying to escape the high winds. With large octopus hooks tied on under medium bobbers, we chunked up our bait and send it out.

While the pattern that produced fish didn’t take long to establish, fine tuning it did. We found bowfin at all depths out to about the 9′ mark but they were very loyal to weeds and wood. Especially where the two were abundant. As we worked the shoreline, any indent in the shoreline with duck weed, wood, and at least a foot of water was stacked up with multiple fish

Going spot to spot, we found that some were better than others. In many cases, we were getting bites every cast when they were placed correctly but the sweet spots were very specific. Hooking up with 10-15 fish per spot was common but as usual, we seemed to lose quite a few. Luckily the numbers of fish put the odds in our favor!

After we worked over the entire area over, we decided to change up species and hit some bass waters. Although they were mostly unproductive, we located a few spots with some pumpkinseed and bluegill still sitting on beds. To pass the time until heading home, we posted up and casted out some bobbers for some hot action.

It was a great day on the water with many fish over 26″.  If not again this year, we will certainly be back next summer!



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