7-11-14 – Solo Day

Not being able to find anybody to fish with on this particular day, I decided to make an adventure out of it. I made a long drive to fish southern Lake Champlain. Knowing that the moon was full I did not know what to expect while planning on targeting crappie.  One thing was for sure, I was going to stick to one game plan.

My goal for the day was to explore a bit and find some new structure using the side scan.  I was able to find more than expected but was disappointed when most of what looked like fantastic habitat was not holding decent numbers of fish.  I really couldn’t figure out why these spots weren’t holding fish so I decided to check out  few of our spots that have always produced in the past.  As I pulled up to our third reliable spot I was pretty discouraged to find it was fishless.  I had been on the water for almost three hours now and have yet to put a fish in the boat.  By accident I stumbled onto a pattern that put a few fish in the boat.

The full moon has pushed many of the fish holding structure off and they scattered along deep weeds lines.  Wanting to stick to my plan as along as possible, I slowed down my presentation knowing that the fish were going through a transition period and they might be a little fussy.  The bites were hard to detect as I slowly dragged my Lake Fork Trophy Lures “Live” Baby Shad across t bottom adjacent to the structure.  A subtle twitch in the line was the only indicator that I had one on, I really had to pay attention.

All in all not a very productive trip from the fish catching standpoint but I did confirm that when the moon is full, the fish move and you have to slow your presentation down.



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