1-9-15 – Jumbo Perch In Deep Water

So we have written about deep water perch plenty before but this trip was special. It was my first trip out on this pond in several months and I didn’t have an idea of where to start. Unsure of ice conditions and in search of some marks on my flasher, I hit the ice well before day light to see what the ice looked like.

I was alone but knew the layout of the water well so I wasn’t worried about the depth. I knew shortly that things were good so I made my way out. I placed my second hole of the day in 32 feet of water and sunk my Vexilar transducer. It was flashing one nice mark just off bottom. Still around 25 minutes before dark, I dropped my set up down. Within seconds I was hooked up.

Over the next half hour I pulled 23 perch over a pound out of one hole. After those 23 things seemed different though. I was seeing more and smaller marks. They were much more aggressive and after catching a few small ones I cut a new batch of holes around my starting point to find their direction. For the next hour I could catch one or two slabs out of a single hole before the small ones invaded.

With my clicker on 40, I struggled to get the remaining 10 fish to complete my limit over the course of 3 hours. At 11, I packed things up with my bucket topped off. I figured with 50 big perch to clean it was time to head home and start cleaning them!


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