1-15-15 – New Spots

I was on the ice well before daylight searching for fish in an area that I had never set foot on before. I had been around with my boat but without catching anything I wasn’t all that impressed. The weeds were limited and from what I saw on my side imaging, structure was almost non existent.

I shredded a 100 yard long section in a grid pattern and started hole hopping. It was still dark and before dropping a jig I had marks on my flasher. They weren’t moving so at first I figured that I had found a cluster of weeds. As my jig broke the bottom of the ice though, the top line moved up quickly. Within only seconds of wetting a line I iced my first crappie. It was nothing to write home about but the 9″ crappie swam away unharmed.

For the next few hours, I put crappie and crappie topside ranging from 7-14″. The were hungry and very aggressive. Until about 2:30, I spent the entire day on the water by myself. By this point I had handled a couple hundred fish and was ready for a break. I packed up my gear and made my way back to the truck without giving my location or success away.

The day was bright and the water was murky. I found that anything bright worked well but the second something was dark under the ice the fish shut off completely. I also found a location where the fish are not spooky at all. They actually enjoyed noise. I found the best holes were the ones that skimmed over hard and I had to kick open. As soon as I stomped my feet, the fish came running!


4 thoughts on “1-15-15 – New Spots”

  1. I live in Oklahoma and I am retired. I catch my fair share of crappie down here I just don’t catch as many as I would like to hahaha! Do you have any tips for winter time crappie fishing? I really do enjoy your adventures. Shoot I like anything fishing.

  2. Honestly, neither of us have ever fished crappie during winter without being on the ice. Late fall we find them holding up on structure and pre spawn staging up in deeper water near their spawning grounds near hard breaks and weed edges. Draw a line and maybe try to connect the dots? We wish you luck!

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