1-31-15 – Should Have Stayed Home

There is always a day or two every winter when you should just stay home. Today was cold, really cold, that was the root of all problems.

I knew things were amiss when I tried to fire up my auger. It always starts within 3 pulls no matter the temperature but it didn’t. I pulled and pulled until it finally fired but the pull cord didn’t coil back up. I had snapped the recoil spring and wouldn’t be able to get it running again until it was replaced. I figured that I better cut all necessary holes so I dealt with frozen hands to make sure that we could find fish.

The fishing was off and only a few holes showed suspended fish on the flasher. After setting up my shack, i started scooping my hole only to break the ladle clean off! Frustrated, I tried different jigs, plastics, and meat but nothing seemed to work. While working the suspended fish a mark appeared on bottom. I dropped down and landed an 8″ gill. While it wasn’t great it was better than nothing. For the next 20 minutes I caught a couple more gills, some decent perch, and one micro crappie. Nothing special but it redeemed the troubles from prior.

I figured that I would be better off sitting at home working on my auger than catching a few fish so I packed up and headed home. After a few calls, I found the necessary parts and was ready for the next day!

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