2-1-15 – Quiet Day On The Ice

After a rough day yesterday I needed a little redemption. It was Superbowl Sunday so I figured things on the ice would be quiet. We were the first ones on and with holes drilled we started fishing.

The bite was steady but not hot. We picked and poked at lots of crappie and a few nice gills. They liked anything gold or white and when they got tight lipped a single maggot made a world of difference.

The bite changed a few times throughout the day. Early on they wanted things moving upwards very slowly. Around 9, jigging around 3 feet off bottom called in most fish. Towards the end of the day jigging down was the only way they would bite. Being able to figure out these different patterns wasn’t hard but if we hadn’t things would have been much less enjoyable.

When it was time to head home, we both had some nice fillets to cook up for a game time snack!

0201150933 IMG_20150201_201944 IMG_20150202_103021

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