2-12-15 – A Morning Of Perching

Deep water perch can be a difficult thing to pinpoint and at times will make you want to give up. When I head out looking for them I consider a good day ending with anything over 20 in the bucket but I don’t consider less a failed trip. I know that they move and sometimes it is just impossible to keep up with them on foot.

On my most recent trip, I started off in 35-40 feet of water but was unable to locate anything over 8″. The small fish were everywhere and very aggressive. Up until about 8 am I caught nothing worthy of going in the bucket. With the numerous small fish around I gave up on my drop shot rig and started fishing with tungsten and maggots.

I was marking a few marks suspended 6 to 10 feet off bottom so I figured that would be a good place to start figuring that the small found would be mostly loyal to the bottom. Before I made it half way down I had fish rising up and they were big ones! I was catching quality fish but missed quite a few because of the amount of time it took to reach bottom.

I ended up calling it a morning around 11 with 18 fish in my bucket. I needed to hit the bait shop for some minnows before moving on to the next body of water for an afternoon bass and pickerel bite!

0212150925 0212151123

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