1-24-16 – Thin Ice Success

We are finally starting to see cars and trucks out on the ice which means it time to start expanding fishing spots. I ventured out with a few buddies to a new spot that sees very little traffic. We knew if there was any ice it was going to be thin.

We arrived around 5am and planned on fishing for about 2 hours in the dark. Things did not look great at first but after a quick check, we found there to be about 5″ of black ice nearing shore that thinned out to around 4″ after a decent walk.

Once we got perched above the weedbed, we cut a few holes, set up shop and started fishing. Almost immediately, the fish were biting. It was about as fast up and down as we could move in the dark. Pumkinseed, bluegill, perch, and crappie were all aggressive well before sunrise.

Daylight brought more of the same. Even though it was cold and there was a slight breeze, fishing outside the hub was enjoyable as the fish were hungry. We cut maybe 40 holes all day which proved to be enough to keep us constantly on fish. We hoped for a good number of crappie but only found a few dozen all day long.

The three of us ran maggots on yellow and red vertical jigs all day. It didn’t seem to matter how we jigged as long there was a pause when the marks got closer.


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