Superbowl Crappie

While everyone was preparing to watch the big game, we were taking the first step in meal prep. Catching dinner! We set off early ensuring we would be the first ones there, and we thought we’d try a bit of fishing in the dark. We arrived well before daylight and cut a few strings of holes 100 yards or so long.

This area we were on had a main channel that ran along the north shoreline with a gradual rise (secondary channel) towards the south shoreline. The “game plan” was to fish the channel along the breaks and weeds edges. It wasn’t long before we started to pull a few small crappie but nothing really spectacular first light. The bluegills and sunfish were pretty thick towards the end of the channel along the thick weeds. They were enough to occupy our attention for a little while. We iced a few gills well over 10″ and pushing a pound if not over.

As usual, we realized that we should have drilled more holes. When our string came to an end, we found the active better sized fish. The larger crappie were in the main channel chasing the golden shiners around. We used our electronics to mark the holes that had bait present 3 feet down; marks just under them were crappie and they were aggressive. We had a pretty good run of constant keeper fish for about an hour before they seemed to disappear.

It took us a while but we finally found the crappie again, they had slid back to the weed edge where the gills and sunfish had been earlier. A few things we noticed was that the crappie were in holes with little to no weeds. When you found a hole with weeds you seemed to catch more sunfish, gills and bass. I honestly think we fished the crappie too hard an hour before that. The fish seemed to need a bit of a break from the commotion. Once we found them again, they were more stationary and still fairly active. Over all it was a successful day as both of us brought a few home for a super bowl snack.


One thought on “Superbowl Crappie”

  1. nICE!

    When I lived in California (decades ago), I always went fishing on New Year’s Day and Super Bowl Sunday (though I did tape the game — back then, we used video recorders; THAT’s how old I am!).

    But it wasn’t ice fishing. I went to rivers that were open all year (catch and release at that time of year).

    When I moved back to New England (first back to Vermont, my home state, and now New Hampshire — don’t judge!), I did go ice fishing one day on Lake Champlain. But didn’t catch anything like you! Still, one day of ice fishing has lasted me these 17 years, and probably 17 more.

    Glad YOU had fun and success!

    I found you via The Amateur Angler. Tell him I said hello!

    Tight lines!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

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