D & B Ice Adventures formed in 2012 with the goal of promoting ice fishing in the Northeast. Since then, we have had requests to extend our posting to include the various modes and successes of softwater fishing. Our Mission is to share tricks and tips that have proved successful in our region.ย  If there is anything you would like to see just let us know!

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    1. Hey, you haven’t posted anything since Dec 1 …. what’s up ? I look forward to your storeis and hints/tips on technique.


  1. Hey guys, Ive got a question. I love to troll for salmon and I love to catch walleye but never tried trolling for for walleye. Can I use the same gear (riggers, lead core, dipsys, spoons, etc)?

    1. The riggers will work when the fish move deep. From what we have seen the most common way is to troll cranks using planner boards or simply just long lining them. Look for reefs and rocky shores.

  2. on picture 04222083401 in your photo gallery the jig looks like a saveage gear from the other side of the frog pond or not then what kind

      1. yes the body is but what is the jig head .It has a bigger eye to tie to .This is to keep the weeds from collecting on the jig.

      2. Oh sorry. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you the name. It was just a 1/16 ounce jig that we picked up at Walmart. If I can get up there any time soon I will let you know. The same company also makes some shad style plastics

  3. thanks for getting back .Love the site. It works well. Just started fishing maki plastic have had them for years just started using them.

  4. Looking to increase website exposure.Good for both sites,Hope to hear from you soon play it forward lets get all sites free advertising like the big boys that pay for it but we will exchange. That’s what my site is all about.Check it out at http://www.camp-to-come-too.com .We can send each other snippets to put on our sites.If it sounds good to you email me with the exchange snippet at buckdoe@embarqmail.com thanks john P.S. I’am from the Northeast Kingdom .

  5. you guys got a whole lot of fish going on here…haha ๐Ÿ™‚
    just stopping by to say thanks for the visit earlier…and wish you lots of luck with your fish catching. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thank you! It is great to see the exposure that this has given us! Vermont is a special place to both of us and the quality of fishing is top notch. We hope that you continue to enjoy our posts!

  6. Have you considered doing a Blog entry on fishing line for the ice. I got some of the LFT mono on your suggestion for summer fishing and wonder if you’ve tried it on the ice, or what line you prefer on the ice. I like Stren Gold because I can see it against he snow.


    1. Dave, We will consider it. We have yet to try the LFT line through the ice but we plan to. They had positive reviews for others who tested it in cold weather situations. For high-vis line we have had great success with Cajun red and Ice Armor hi-vis lines. If color isn’t an issue Gamma makes quality clear and blue lines.

  7. Have tried the Cajun red, can’t see it well inside a closed shanty. I might have to try the Blue line. Yellow shows up well in a dark shanty, The LFT should be easy to see, it’s a bit big but may work out okay.

    1. I like clear line inside my shack. Having a light at your feet keeps a glare on it so I can see once I position it right. Most of the time I’m in my shack I’m sight fishing anyway…

  8. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for all of the great info. Excellent blog. I do have two questions:
    #1 Where did you get the white bunny boots that you and Jamie wear?
    #2 Are you cutting off part of the head on the Lake Fork Baby Shad when you fish it with a Bentley Jig?

    1. 1) You can buy the bunny boots at most army navy stores but Bobby and I both got them online. Look around and you can find some very reasonable prices. They are a tad heavy but your feet will never get cold!

      2) We didn’t have trouble with hookups on crappie while using the LBS but the bluegill were a bit harder to hook. In that case pinching the head off the bait is effective or you could just up-size your jig head.

  9. Do you guys use any of the LFT worms, soft baits ? Looking ahead to coming open water season , and I need suggestions for different plastics.


  10. I found an old thread on a forum , talking about water temp for spring panfishing. I could use more info that way, and where to get a thermometer…I don’t think I should be using the one in the medicine cabinet.


    1. A pool thermometer would work Dave, our Graph tells us the temp once we get the boat in. Remember that the sun warms the water, so afternoon bites are usually better in the spring.

  11. Fished a bay yesterday where the water ranged from 65 to 68 degrees. Last time I was out, it was more like 52 – 58 . Are the fish still likely to be in the warmer water ?


  12. Which side up on Live Baby Shad ? I never thought about it when only fishing Pearl , but fished Pumpkinseed color today and wasn’t sure whether to put the flat side up or down.

    1. Very good question Dave. Put the flat side of the bait down. In general though, fish in nature have their darker side on the top. This allows them to blend in with the bottom from predators from above and lighter side on the bottom to blend in with a bright sky above and predators below..

  13. Watched your Youtube video on Dirty Water Crappie, you guys don’t fish ‘close’ to fallen trees, you fish ‘IN’ them. Never realized you had to fish among the branches to find Crappie. Thanks for the video, it was informative.

    1. Initially we caught them in the tree but then followed them off it once they caught on to us. Certain trees held fish while others that were similar didn’t. We really had to try all our options.

  14. What sonar do you use ? Down Image , SIde Image, or old school …or none at all ??
    Thinking of upgrading.

  15. Are Bottom Bouncer sinkers subject to the VtF&W 1/2 ounce Lead Sinker law? I’ve looked at the regulation and I think they are because they are just a fancy sinker with no hook attached. I couldn’t find a Q&A section on the F&W website so thought I’d ask you guys . (http://www.basspro.com/Northland-Fishing-Tackle-Rock-Runner-Bottom-Bouncer-Sinkers/product/20839/?hvarAID=shopping_googleproductextensions&om_mmc=shopping_googleproductextensions&kpid=20839

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