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1-29-12 – Champlain Trip Part II

Got back up fishing on Lake Champlain this morning. We fished from 7:45 am to 4pm. The fishing was about on par with yesterday but the thicker concentrations of fish had moved slightly south. There weren’t any special lessons learned today other than reinforcement to not fishing an unproductive hole for too long. Most holes still held fish but they weren’t always in a feeding mood. There was the potential today to waste a lot of time on fish that you would have to work very hard to catch if you weren’t proactive in pursuing them.

One technique that I had great success today was fishing right on the bottom with slack in the line. The last few trips I have taken on Lake Champlain have had me trying to perfect this way of fishing. Lots of the fish I have pulled recently have had small snail like shells in their mouths so I assumed that they were feeding right off the bottom. I drew this conclusion because there are very few weeds in the area and there are so many fish… They have to be feeding locally.  Basically, I lay my jig right on the bottom and wait for the line to move from a fish swimming away. Every once in a while, if the fish don’t take it, I pound my bait a few times to stir up the sand/muck which rings the dinner bell. I caught 8 of my 11 crappies and a decent number of the gills/seeds this way today. If you are going for numbers this technique is less productive but it is great when the bite gets tough.

The majority of the fish today were caught using a vertical Caty jig tipped with a J & S Plastic. The color didn’t seem to matter much as the fish were always active in at least one hole.

Here’s our catch for the day

1-28-12 – Champlain Trip Part I

We went fishing up in the islands of Lake Champlain today. The bite started slow but after switching to a different bay we were able to get on good fish. From 11am until just after 4:15pm, I caught about 50 pounds of assorted fish (perch, gills, seeds, and crappie). We punched a bunch of holes in a large area and using my Aqua Vu Micro underwater camera I was able to confirm that most holes had fish. Throughout the course of the day I was able to pinpoint a few specific “honey holes” that held better numbers of fish each time I returned. Whenever I would drop the camera down one of these holes, there would be numerous fish at all depths in the water column. Trying to fish with my flasher was difficult because the whole screen was red!

There weren’t many people out there fishing today and the weather was great. Tomorrow is calling for snow but no significant accumulations. Perfect! Stay tuned for more tomorrow night!