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7-5-14 – Catfish Night

After I got out of work at 4 pm, I hit the road to get on the water for sunset with my buddy Dan. We were going to stay on the water until the catfish stopped biting. He was already on the water so he had caught some panfish for our evenings bait. After locating some good weed edges, we diced up our bait and sent it out.

The wait wasn’t long. Within minutes, Dan landed the first cat of of the night. It was only 7 or 8 pounds but it was a start. Over the next couple of hours, we landed a cat about every 30 minutes. While most were around 10 pounds we caught a few in the middle to upper teens. One of the biggest swam right to the boat, slid into the net but flopped out and popped the hook all within only a matter of seconds. That’s fishing!

Throughout the course of the night, we made several moves trying to find a more consistent location. While no spot seemed better than another, they all produced at least a fish right off. As the sun started to break, the bite died off so we packed it up before things got hectic on a beautiful Sunday morning!



5-18-14 – A Little Bit Of Everything

I got on the water with my buddy Dan around 7:30 am. With no wind yet, we figured that crappie fishing was a better way to start the day than for catfish.

We found some fish early but for the most part they had vacated the shallows. The ones that were still remaining were loyal to trees and shade or if nothing else, dense weed patches. Color didn’t seem to be a big deal as long as it was placed on the sweet spot. With enough crappie in the boat for a good meal we headed out to fish for bait for the bigger fish.

After putting a few bluegill, sunnies, shiners and perch into the livewell, we headed to a main lake point in 6 FOW. We chunked up our bait and started tossing them out using the wind to our advantage.

While the target species was catfish, we also caught largemouth bass, pike, pickerel, pike-pickerel hybrid, bowfin, and bullhead. The catfish weren’t concentrated. It seemed like we would only catch one per spot but the bite usually came pretty quick. On the plus side, there was plenty of action with the other bigger species as well as many panfish while casting bobbers.






9-22-13 – Too Much Wind

We had a full day on the water planned but with wind advisories and rain statewide, deciding where to go seemed like a daunting task. We waited until late last night to make a decision that Lake Champlain offered us the largest variety of available species and techniques necessary to take advantage of anything that would bite.

We were on the water shortly after 5 am but not much happened until close to 7. Searching weeds, wood, and rocks, we picked at mostly small crappie until Dylan caught his first catfish. What a fight it was on light weight panfish gear! After the release, we loaded up the boat due to weather report of a nasty storm rolling in on us as well as an increase in wave activity.

Chasing blue skies north, we were on the water again with hopes of a better bite in slightly calmer water and no rain. We located fish that were super finicky but over the course of an hour, identified a few sweet spots. While a handful of crappie were taken home, the majority were released for the winter months to come!

Check out My First Catfish on our YouTube channel for more action!