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2-5-12 – Redemption Day On The River

After a slow tournament day at Lapham’s Bay on Lake Champlain, I felt the need to get out and catch some fish! I got going early and hit a small inland pond on the way to the Connecticut River. I fished there for a few hours starting at daylight and was on my way around 11am. Lots of bluegill and pumpkinseed were caught and I noticed a lot of hybridization markings of the two. Very cool looking fish! Most of the fish caught at this pond were by sight fishing as the water was very clear. I was able to see them without using my Clam flip but when I did use it I could be selective with the fish I caught. I could take my bait out of the active zone when a smaller fish came in. I can’t wait to get back on this pond. It reminds me of where I laker fish in one of the crystal clear waters of the NEK! I also caught one toad rockbass!

When I got onto theĀ  Connecticut River I punched out my holes from the trip I took on Friday. As I approached my first hole I pulled out my Aqua Vu Micro camera only to find out that the battery was dead. Even though I couldn’t confirm there were fish in the holes prior to fishing I knew there would be. Quickly, I got into the fish. The numbers were not as good as my last outing but the fish were quality. Lots of bluegill in the 8-10″ range and a few over 10″. I only caught 11 crappie today, two of which were legal. I dropped a few more of keeper size in the hole. All fish were released to be caught another day!

Most of the fish I caught today changed their pattern as darkness approached. Upon my arrival, the water was draining out of this section of river to below the nearest dam. The fish were holding tight to the bottom but were active if provoked. As the water levels started to recharge themselves, the ice started making noise signaling that the level was rising. At this time, around 3pm, the fish moved up and suspended somewhere between 2-4′ below the ice. This was about 3 hours after the water gates were closed. We called it quits around 4:45 because the fish stopped being active.

Right now, both my Vexilar and camera are on the charger getting ready for my outing tomorrow. I’m not sure where I am heading yet but hope where ever it is, there will be some flat fish!