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7-29-14 – Family Time

It had been a while since I had been on the water with my dad but with plenty of time to spare at camp while at our family week, we were able to get on the water. We began the day at sunrise with a very pitiful attempt at catching bass. Neither of us were sure why it was so slow but we figured that we would try to salvage the day with a night Hydro Glow session for trout.

With my mom, dad, girlfriend, and dog in the boat, we putted around the lake looking for fish on the graph. It didn’t take long to get over them so we anchored up, submerged the lights, and I explained how things would work. It is a pretty easy system and before putting the first marker on Mary’s line, we had missed a fish.

After we were all set up, we started picking at the bluegill. It wasn’t for a bit that a few trout made their way in the boat. The bites were very light and quick. I don’t remember any fish coming back for a second taste. Maybe they are accustomed to the glowing light or maybe things just slow down as the water warms.

By the end of the night, we had a few good rainbows to go on the smoker and released about a dozen bluegill. My mom didn’t fish but she kept us informed on where the fish were cruising through on the graph. It was fun to have them all out with me and they were happy to see what it was all about!






7-1-14 – Fire Up The Smoker

Bobby and I had a chance to hit the water again tonight with the Hydro Glow Fishing Lights. We had a mission to bring home some rainbow trout to put on the smoker. With pleasant weather above, it was go time at dark.

We set up over 29 feet of water after we found a decent concentration of fish. The fish were cruising the bottom half of the water column before dark but within about 30 minutes of submerging the lights, the fish tightened their corridor to only the bottom six feet. As usual, we ran 1/32 and 1/16 ounce jigs tipped with crawlers. After locating bottom and staggering our baits through the active zone, we waited.

The bites were constant throughout the night but the hook ups weren’t. In general the trout bite like regardless of their aggressiveness but this was different. Most times, a short striker can be enticed for a second round with slight jigging. This theory was thrown out the door though. It was just a tough night of fishing.

We ended up bringing home 5 of the smaller fish for a future day of running the smoker.




6-28-14 – A Night Of Big Fish

Now that quite a few night trips are in the books, we have a pretty good gauge of when and how they bite. Not to mention the average size fish that are around. For this night, things were a little different. We had a storm rolling in around us but it was predicted to miss the area. We all know how the weathermen are though…

We were on the water with a good bit of time before it was dark so we putted around catching some panfish and bass to pass the time. As the clocked ticked 8, we began searching for the depth the trout were running at. We located them in just over 26′. After passing over several small pods in a small area we anchored up and dropped the Hydro Glow Fishing Lights.

The fish started biting right after the lights were on but things really picked up after it was completely dark. After the sun set there was a wicked hatch of hexagenia. The trout were crushing them everywhere including right over the side of the boat. We got to see a ton of fish throughout the hours that we were out.

On average, the fish that we catch are 14-16″ with a few bigger and smaller. Tonight the average size seemed to be 19-21″. Certainly nothing to shake a stick at! The fishing stayed steady until just after 1 am. After about 30 minutes with no fish, we decided to pack it up and head home.





6-14-14 – Some More Trout After Dark

The blog has taken back seat recently. Sure there has been a few fishing trips but with a new house and a need for firewood, time has been short. Most of my time on the water lately has been at night.

I went out with two buddies who had never fished trout at night. The moon was going to be full which was ideal for hitting them after dark. We began the night with 1/32 and 1/16 ounce jigs tipped with crawlers. We staggered lines in hopes of finding a consistent depth that the rainbows were running at. Setting over 31 feet of water left plenty of area to cover!

Once the Hydro Glow Fishing Light was submerged we began to talk fishing. Having an organized boat makes fishing at night easier. Having to retie, the need for forceps, or getting the net are all routine things that can easily be complicated if they are not in a designated area. After explaining my game plan, we wet a few lines.

The fish came through in spurts and were for the most part willing to bite. While most bites occurred while the jig was still, as the night passed by, light jigging started to produce more and more.  With three of us in the boat, we were able to have confidence in our patterns on what the fish preferred.

After several hours of fishing, things slowed down so we decided to pack it up. We all caught fish and it was well worth staying up late. When it was time to back the trailer in, some yahoos had left a present in the form of glass liquor bottles behind my tires. Awesome way to end the night!




4-1-14 – April On The Ice

I put some hours in on the ice today. I started early looking for a bite in the dark. I caught a bunch of fish most of which were bluegill. The fish were suspending high and very aggressive. As sunrise approached, the number of crappie increased. As the sun came up, the bite slowed up for a bit.

When it was bright enough to use my underwater camera, I began looking for better size classes of fish as most of what I was seeing were small. It seemed that the bigger fish were in smaller water with crappie in the mix randomly. I spent a great deal of the day looking with the camera and targeting individual fish. While just about every hole had a crappie or two it was hard to get past the bluegill and pumpkinseed. In general, I would only fish holes that 5 or 6 crappie to better my odds.

While the fish were there, the numbers that I caught were not a great representation of what I saw. It was a tough bluebird day but at least it was warm! Before it got dark, I made my way off the ice to get home in time for dinner.

Check out Variety Of Panfish On Lake Champlain on our YouTube page for more action!


2-25-14 – Another Long Day

Today was a long day for one of us.  The plan was to head to the river to check on a sure spot and then head to a different lake for the evening Hydro Glow bite.  We hadn’t been to this spot this year so we checked with the owner of the yard that we access it from if it was still okay for us to park by the gate.  She was very pleased that we were asking, it’s important to appreciate your privileges to ensure that you’re able to maintain them.  We were pleased to see that we were the only two on the ice that morning as we unloaded the truck.

Our plan was simple, we were going to set up a few tip ups for pike in the shallows while we jigged the deeper water for crappie.  We had seen plenty of big pike in this area in years past while fishing in the boat but we had never targeted them, we were hoping for a good one.  As we set our flags, Bobby began to also cut out our search grid in the deep water for the crappie.  When we’re trying to locate the school we usually drill and pattern of two along the channel edges, this allows us to cover a lot of water quickly.   With all of our tip ups set we began jigging through the holes we had cut.

The spot is typically very productive for insane numbers of crappie suspended throughout the water column.  We have noticed though in past years that the more ice we get through out the course of the winter the water seems to get dirty and really cause problems.  As it was this day, the majority of the fish we were marking and catching were within three feet of the bottom of the ice, and the fish we were catching were small.  Finally Bobby hooked into something with some weight, it doubled his T7 custom rod right over.  To our surprise we found a Pike/Pickerel hybrid on the other end of the line.   We now know that this spot is an early ice spot before the water turns over in mid winter.



While the morning bite wasn’t spectacular, I had high hopes that the night bite would be better. I was on the water for 4 pm headed to a spot that produced some crappie last year. Using Navionics, I found the 10′ depth that I was looking for.

I hoped that I didn’t have to cut many holes so that the fish wouldn’t spook. My first hole was the winner fortunately. Dropping my Vexilar in, the weeds came up to about 6′ in 10′ of water. Wanting to see what the weeds looked like I dropped my camera down the hole. Before I reached the weeds, a red mark came shooting up and when my eyes switched to the camera, I confirmed that there were crappie were in the area.

After getting everything set up, the sun was starting to set so it was go time. My first drop yielded a crappie immediately. Good start to the night so far. As time started to pass, the number of fish that I was both catching and seeing on the flasher was surprising me!

It didn’t take long to key in on a pattern. I would catch crappie then a few shiners would come through. This pattern continued throughout the night. I found that the shiners were anywhere from inches below the ice down to a foot above the weeds while the crappie came anywhere from the bottom to the weeds tops. One of the coolest parts of the night was that when the crappie came in the weeds seemed to explode on the graph. They were super aggressive.

At one point I had a lull in action until a big mark came it. It took about 5 minutes to get it to bite but when it did it started screaming out drag. To the hole and out again a few times we battled. I figured it had to be a bass but I was pleasantly surprised when a 16″ bullhead came up the hole.

Around 8:30 the fishing started to slow and just after 9 I decided to pack it in and head home for the night. I had iced over 50 crappie, as well as some pumpkinseed and that bullhead.




2-24-14 – Long Day On The Ice

I dropped my girlfriend off at the airport early this morning and hit the water with my Hydro Glow Fishing Light. I punched two holes so that I didn’t have to fish in the same hole as the light. About 5 minutes after my first drop, I hooked up with a crappie. The bite stayed pretty steady until about 5:45 with a fish coming every few minutes.

As the sun started to poke over the horizon, the species switched from all crappie to bluegill and perch. I had planned on spending the entire day and a while after dark at this location so I spend a good portion of the day trying to locate a few sweet spots.

As the day got going, I found a few holes with tall weeds that had a nice opening right to the bottom. These holes seemed to produce all day and even better when someone would drive by or new holes were punched by others. While close noise moved fish away, far off noise pushed fish right into me.

For the better part of the day I moved around between the few productive holes that I had. Even though the crappie bite was slow during the day, I knew that they hadn’t gone far. As evening approached, I set up on a hole that was decent earlier in the day. With the light submerged about 25 minutes before dark, it was a waiting game at this point.

The waiting seemed to take forever and I don’t think I got a bite for close to an hour and a half. When the bite came it was a good one though! I ended up squeezing a 14″ crappie through a 6″ hole. It weighed 1.75 pounds and was followed up by a few that were only a bit smaller. I closed out the night around 9:30 after a long spell with nothing to speak of.