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Night Fishing

Some lakes have a great night bite for Crappie, some don’t.  The lake I fished last night was one that does not.  The Hydroglow works sweet though.  I still can’t get over the radius of light that this thing  gives  out, it’s truly amazing.   If you like to fish at night check these out.  You can also hardwire them to your boats for summer time fishing, these would rock night fishing for trout!  Here’s a look a the light in action.  We’re planning on getting some underwater shots as well, more to come.

Hydro Glow Fish Lights

The plan is for us to head to a small crappie pond tonight and try out the new Hydro Glow Fish Light.  We’ll keep you posted on the outcome!  See you Soon.We tried out the light last night.  WOW! ;D  That thing really glows.  The fishing on the other hand sucked.  We marked a lot of fish working the edges of the glow but they were strange. In 22fow, the fish suspended about 16-18 down, charge the bait, get 6 inches from it, stop, turn and charge the bottom, weird.  We managed to get a few crappie and perch but nothing to write home about.  I am convinced that the light is productive, just don’t stare at it too long like me, you’ll see everything in red for a couple of minutes!