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1-8-16 – Brookie Slam

I hit the road early with a few buddies. We set up shop for the day in shallow water. Mainly less than 6′. The baits were staggered at different depths with the concentration of them being in less than 3′ as the channel is narrow. We hooked up small shiners, half crawlers, and some powerbait.

We were set up around sunrise and the first flag caught us by surprise while we stood around and caught our breath from making sure things were good to go. When the flag popped we all heard the sound and started running. The straws were drawn and I was 3rd in rotation.

The best fishing of the day occurred from sunrise to 10am. We landed a dozen brookies and 2 rainbows. Big fish of the day was also the first fish, a 17.25″ brookie. The highlight of the day was us landing 5 fish in about 20 minutes from one hole that was in a foot of water. We got to watch the fish fighting on the way in as both the water and ice were crystal clear.

I told myself at the beginning of the day I would only keep a fish if it was hooked badly. By the end of the day, I had iced enough for a limit but all of them were hooked nicely in the corner of the mouth. While I went home empty handed, I had enough in the fridge for a meal of perch and crappie.


2-12-15 – Mixed Bag Afternoon

With a slow morning chasing deep water perch I was hopeful that things would get better on a new body of water!

Our preferred spot was somewhat occupied by a single guy. Wanting to not crowd him, we headed to a second spot that we located last fall in the boat. We ended up with out tip ups spread over 8-14 feet of water that was healthy with milfoil and curly pond weed.

As we set our 4th tip up for the afternoon, our 3rd flag tripped. The bass were proving to be aggressive! With what seemed like forever, we finally laid out our 14 trap spread with jigging holes prepped. The fish were hungry so it was a good thing I picked up extra bait!

After only a short while, we figured out what depths certain species preferred. Pickerel were in the 8 foot range, bass were 8-12 and the perch were cruising the deeper end of our spread on the weed edge. The action was steady and very few flags weren’t successful.

As evening approached a white out rolled in causing difficulty seeing flags. We spent a little bit more time walking around tending to the flags that were on the outskirts of our visible area. During one of my tending breaks while jigging, I managed to land one rainbow and lose another in the hole while it spun around and around. We were hopeful that some more would hit our minnows but they never did.

Just before dark we picked up our gear and made way for home. It was a successful afternoon and it surely made up for the slow morning bite!

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1-25-15 – Confused!

It’s always tough swallowing a skunk or anything close to it but usually you can find some good out of it. We searched out some new spots today. Spots that in the summer are decent at times but in general only for short time periods. With a mind set that things might be a bust, we made way at well before first light.

We caught some crappie and bluegill right off but things really shut off as the wind picked up. With the fishing slowing the final bit of motivation to leave came when a guy started setting his tip ups in the few holes that we had cut.

Our second stop for the day was at a local bait shop that we spend quite a bit of time at. We talked fishing, picked up some spoons, and traded some fish tales. From there we sat in the parking lot and made a game plan for the rest of the day. We picked out a few spots that produce decent fish in the summer but we had never set foot on after ice up.

We cut apart two more bodies of water before realizing that it wasn’t a day for searching out fish. Either they had gone somewhere completely out of the ordinary or they just weren’t biting. With a lack of hooksets, we decided to head to a deepwater bluegill lake that rarely disappoints.

After making the mile walk to the desired hump, we cut out a large area that they usually roam through. With holes ranging from 35 up to 11 feet of water we began fishing. The marks were present and aggressive. The first few fish that came up were bass. Within a few holes though we had found gills. The problem was they were small. Fishing about 20 feet from my buddy Andy, my Vexilar let up with 16 feet of fish in 35 feet of water. Confused I asked him what he was seeing. Soon enough both of our graphs were stacked up. He sent his underwater camera down surprised to see thousands of gills stacked top to bottom. With bigger ones in the mix we picked away until we got frustrated. Occasionally, we would pluck and aggressive largemouth of rainbow cruising through the bait.

With out heads sore from scratching, we packed up our gear and headed back to the parking lot. The whole day was strange and I think we can contribute most of the lack of fish to an off day. Certainly, we can’t give up after just one bad trip!

IMG_1165 IMG_1168

7-29-14 – Family Time

It had been a while since I had been on the water with my dad but with plenty of time to spare at camp while at our family week, we were able to get on the water. We began the day at sunrise with a very pitiful attempt at catching bass. Neither of us were sure why it was so slow but we figured that we would try to salvage the day with a night Hydro Glow session for trout.

With my mom, dad, girlfriend, and dog in the boat, we putted around the lake looking for fish on the graph. It didn’t take long to get over them so we anchored up, submerged the lights, and I explained how things would work. It is a pretty easy system and before putting the first marker on Mary’s line, we had missed a fish.

After we were all set up, we started picking at the bluegill. It wasn’t for a bit that a few trout made their way in the boat. The bites were very light and quick. I don’t remember any fish coming back for a second taste. Maybe they are accustomed to the glowing light or maybe things just slow down as the water warms.

By the end of the night, we had a few good rainbows to go on the smoker and released about a dozen bluegill. My mom didn’t fish but she kept us informed on where the fish were cruising through on the graph. It was fun to have them all out with me and they were happy to see what it was all about!





7-1-14 – Fire Up The Smoker

Bobby and I had a chance to hit the water again tonight with the Hydro Glow Fishing Lights. We had a mission to bring home some rainbow trout to put on the smoker. With pleasant weather above, it was go time at dark.

We set up over 29 feet of water after we found a decent concentration of fish. The fish were cruising the bottom half of the water column before dark but within about 30 minutes of submerging the lights, the fish tightened their corridor to only the bottom six feet. As usual, we ran 1/32 and 1/16 ounce jigs tipped with crawlers. After locating bottom and staggering our baits through the active zone, we waited.

The bites were constant throughout the night but the hook ups weren’t. In general the trout bite like regardless of their aggressiveness but this was different. Most times, a short striker can be enticed for a second round with slight jigging. This theory was thrown out the door though. It was just a tough night of fishing.

We ended up bringing home 5 of the smaller fish for a future day of running the smoker.




6-28-14 – A Night Of Big Fish

Now that quite a few night trips are in the books, we have a pretty good gauge of when and how they bite. Not to mention the average size fish that are around. For this night, things were a little different. We had a storm rolling in around us but it was predicted to miss the area. We all know how the weathermen are though…

We were on the water with a good bit of time before it was dark so we putted around catching some panfish and bass to pass the time. As the clocked ticked 8, we began searching for the depth the trout were running at. We located them in just over 26′. After passing over several small pods in a small area we anchored up and dropped the Hydro Glow Fishing Lights.

The fish started biting right after the lights were on but things really picked up after it was completely dark. After the sun set there was a wicked hatch of hexagenia. The trout were crushing them everywhere including right over the side of the boat. We got to see a ton of fish throughout the hours that we were out.

On average, the fish that we catch are 14-16″ with a few bigger and smaller. Tonight the average size seemed to be 19-21″. Certainly nothing to shake a stick at! The fishing stayed steady until just after 1 am. After about 30 minutes with no fish, we decided to pack it up and head home.





6-14-14 – Some More Trout After Dark

The blog has taken back seat recently. Sure there has been a few fishing trips but with a new house and a need for firewood, time has been short. Most of my time on the water lately has been at night.

I went out with two buddies who had never fished trout at night. The moon was going to be full which was ideal for hitting them after dark. We began the night with 1/32 and 1/16 ounce jigs tipped with crawlers. We staggered lines in hopes of finding a consistent depth that the rainbows were running at. Setting over 31 feet of water left plenty of area to cover!

Once the Hydro Glow Fishing Light was submerged we began to talk fishing. Having an organized boat makes fishing at night easier. Having to retie, the need for forceps, or getting the net are all routine things that can easily be complicated if they are not in a designated area. After explaining my game plan, we wet a few lines.

The fish came through in spurts and were for the most part willing to bite. While most bites occurred while the jig was still, as the night passed by, light jigging started to produce more and more.  With three of us in the boat, we were able to have confidence in our patterns on what the fish preferred.

After several hours of fishing, things slowed down so we decided to pack it up. We all caught fish and it was well worth staying up late. When it was time to back the trailer in, some yahoos had left a present in the form of glass liquor bottles behind my tires. Awesome way to end the night!




6-2-14 – Nighttime Trout

After a long day on the water already, my buddy Andy and I launched his boat with intentions of getting a night bite for trout. We didn’t really know where to go but we had identified a few spots on Navionics.

The lake was alive with life. There were trout rising everywhere. We were unsuccessful with initial attempts to catch them casting so we motored to our first destination and anchored up. The wind was out of the west so we allowed enough of a tether to get us right over the spot. With the Hydro Glow Fishing Light submerged just below the surface of the water it was game time.

The boat was set up over 22 feet of water but the swing from the wind had us swinging back and forth out over 26 FOW. Before too long, the graph was marking fish from 10-13 feet below the boat. For the remainder of the night. Small pods of fish constantly pushed through.

We fished two different set ups throughout the night. One was a 1/32 ounce jig tipped with a whole crawler and the other was a snelled hook with a small split shot a foot above with a half crawler. We made short casts and let them swing down below the boat. Once we found where the fish were biting, we tied on small pieces of floss to mark the depth so we could replicate over and over. Throughout the course of the night, the smaller fish that we caught were on the snelled hook and no matter what set up was used, the fish wanted it still. The bites were light so being on the ball was key. The best method seemed to be setting the pole up so that it would move with any kind of action on the other end. The dark made it tough to see the bites and you couldn’t keep lights on because of the bugs.

By midnight, not only did we have our limits but we had tossed back several more limits worth. All but the bluegill and brook trout were between 13-20″. Good enough for a first outing!





4-23-14 – Wild Day On The River

I had the opportunity to fish with Kevin Davis of Catch The Drift on the Oswego River today. Usually he is booked straight out but a few dates opened up short notice and by default I made quick work to fill one.

The river has been flowing and the spawning steelhead bite has been phenominal. When the shorelines of Ontario are calm enough, the bite this time of year cannot be beat. With the forecast we were dealt, the main lake was not an option so the river it would be!

We met Kevin just before sunrise and scoped out the situation. After launching the boat and shuttling a car at the destination, it was go time! we made our way upriver to the dam and got things rolling.

Within minutes of deploying small crankbaits for trolling we hooked up with a fish that shook the bait. From there it was on. We caught fish in every spot we took a crack at as long as the lures were bring. While steelhead were the main species we caught, there were also some rainbows, browns, and smallmouth bass.

As the bite on crankbaits slowed up mid morning, we started casting spawn sacs and or beads under a float. This was the ticket for the rest of the day. Until about 2:30, we caught fish consistently when we could match the float with the flow.

When it was time to go home, the four hour trip home was not looking so good but with the adrenalin flowing, we made it home in time to fish the next morning!






4-15-14 – High Water Trout

Trout can put up a good fight on any day but add a little fast moving water and you have a recipe for quite a battle!

Today was a quick trip as there was a sever rain storm coming in later in that day that would raise the already high water. I was on the water for a few hours in a spot that has been good to me in the past. There is quite a variety of habitat in the vicinity and I chose to fish an eddy. Because of the high water, I was standing on the edge of a field!

I was tossing a “Live” Baby Shad from Lake Fork Trophy Lures on a 1/8 ounce jig head. After giving the jig a few seconds to sink, I would start working it back through the slack water with quick and erratic popping action. The bites were relatively light but firm enough for a good hook. I landed 6 fish total and lost two others that got out into the main flow.

Although not measured, big fish was a rainbow around 20 inches followed by a 16″ brown that was super slender. I see a good summer ahead on this river!