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Recycled Fish 24-hour Fish-a-Thon

On September 7th and 8th,  we (Dylan Smith and Robert Booth D & B Ice Adventures – an organization formed to promote fishing in the Northeast) both of Barre, Vermont will be participating in a 24 hour fish-a-thon on the Connecticut River. The event is organized by Recycled Fish to raise awareness to the numerous issues that exist in our waterways throughout the county. Today, Recycled Fish leads the way in a national movement of fisherman who want to live a lifestyle of stewardship on and off the water. The fish-a-thon will be catch and release and time will be spent cleaning up garbage along shores. Throughout this event, we will be collection donations that will be split 50-50 for use by Recycled Fish (nationally and locally) and Trout Unlimited (locally). The Trout Unlimited donation will be dedicated to the Upper Connecticut Home Rivers Initiative. This project is focused on replacing culverts that will increase connectivity in otherwise segmented spawning stream sections due to impassible culverts as well as  increasing habitat for cover. To donate to this cause visit: Here

We will be launching in the evening in search of a night walleye bite on the river.  This is a relatively new adventure for us and some might think we are a bit crazy for fishing a large river at night but I think we’re prepared.  We are all set try use many different methods in search of some eyes including trolling shallow cranks, bottom bouncers, vertical jigging(our bread and butter) as we will be floating the Thill Slpash Bright bobber .

For more information and questions contact:

Dylan Smith – 802-272-8351 or Dylan8351@gmail.com

Robert Booth – 802-461-5593 or fishinmusician@gmail.com

Teeg Stouffer – Executive Director/Recycled Fish (402) 933-3443 or fishrecycler@recycledfish.org

Recycled Fish

To pick up where I left off last night… I can’t even tell you how many times that I have been out fishing and come across trash or fish that were left by fishermen. Worm containers, knotted up fishing line, beer cans, “junk fish” (depends who you talk to- pike, perch, crappie, etc.) – the list goes on. Many times I come back with more than I went out with. I don’t know what people are thinking!

This past summer I can across Recycled Fish, a non-profit organization that promotes ” anglers living a lifestyle of stewardship both on and off the water because our lifestyle runs downstream.” They are gaining quite a following throughout the fishing world and I hope people take something from their mission. I have done quite a bit of research on their organization in the past months and found that one of their projects looks very promising for the future of fishing. The project is known as S.A.F.E. Angling which stands for Sustaining Angling, Fish, & Ecosystems. This project focuses on new products, practices, and tackle that have a reduced-impact on the environment. Such products include lead-free lures, biodegradable baits, hooks, and angling accessories like nets and scales. Some of the companies participating in the green revolution of fishing are big name including: Berkley and Frabill. Everyone and everything can benefit from fishermen using these ideas.

Be sure you check out the Key Differences section on how Recycled Fish is different from other environmental organizations. I know many people a hesitant to support groups that advocate for the environment because usually that means limitations on us the sportsmen but I think there is a lot to take from these guys. They are fishing fools and want to promote our passion in the best light possible! They are also big on kids getting involved.

Be sure to check out Recycled Fish and purchase one of their “short rods” shirt.” The money goes to a great cause and the shirts are a riot! Lets all work together to keep the wild, wild.