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3-7-15 – Slush Is No Fun

Does anyone like slush? I don’t think so. The slush today was bad and it got much worse as the day wore on.

We began the day in the dark and set up in a new location. It took a few extra holes to the a good layout of the area but when all was said and done, our spread spanned a depth range of 5-24 feet of water.

The flags started immediately with a few run and drops, bass, and pike. The target were walleye but they sure were playing hard to get.

As the day passed, the action remained slow and flags became more scarce after about 11am. We made a small move with a few tip ups in the early afternoon after seeing a walleye on the underwater camera which my buddy jigged up almost immediately after. The move proved ineffective but it was closer to walking off none the less.

At dark we gave the bait a few more minutes to soak in hopes that the walleye would move in. The final few traps yielded a walleye and a bass. Whether they were on for a bit or us moving closer made them finally move, it’s fun to see a flag spring up under the bean of a headlight!

It was a tough day but even a tough day is good. It makes you appreciate the good days that much more!
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1-23-15 – Some More Walleye

I ventured out with a buddy well before daylight today. We set up base camp in a saddle between two humps and began placing tip ups along various contours on both sides. Our depths ranged from 14 out to nearly 30 and as the sun rose we were surprised that the flags weren’t flying. It wasn’t until nearly 7:30 that we got our first flag, and walleye. After putting it back, another flag popped on the other end of our spread. Sled in tow we made our way over and pulled in another walleye within only minutes of the first. With two fish caught and released, we had high hopes that the rest of the day would follow suit.

While waiting for flags, we set up a two man flip over shack on one side of the hump trying to jig up perch, bass, walleye, or whatever else might swim by. The jig bite was slow but we stayed plenty busy chasing flags from end to end. Mostly the action was run and drops so we figured the perch were moving through in small schools. However, the perch that we were catching were tanks!

As the day passed, we cooked up a meal of venison sausage for a lunch. The fish were nice and allowed us to eat in peace with no action. After filling our bellies, another slug of perch came through not giving us time to settle and digest. Could be worse though!

As the daylight started to fade, we checked all of our traps to make sure that we were squared away for a successful evening bite. Again we had a back to back walleye episode as well as several more perch. The night was concluded with an after dark, sure bet on walleye flag that turned out to be a rockbass. After the bite abruptly ended, we decided to pack it up and make for home.

We ended the day with 8 or 9 walleye, a bunch of smallmouth, and a couple meals of perch.

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7-22-14 – At Least I Can Still Swim!

It was an interesting day to say the least. After a short morning of trolling boards, I headed to Champlain for some crappie, Launching my boat around 11 am, things were as usual. I had my gear loaded, unhitched, and had my rope clipped on to the bow with the excess rope secured in my tailgate ready to back in. Everything went as planned until I hit the water. As my boat started to float, I heard a loud pop and slowly watched my boat float away deeper and deeper into a dense mat of weeds.

Now in my defense, I hate swimming. I don’t go unless it is completely necessary. I actually contemplated waiting for another boat to come in to rescue me. I though for probably longer than most would have before stripping down and taking a plunge into the nastiest water I have every been in. It took me several tries to get in the boat but I made it work. It was a lot harder than I would have imagined! I spent the next few hours in my underwear drying off which lead to a wicked sunburn on my pasty legs.

Fortunately, after my hardships of the day, the fish were willing to bite. I ended up putting together a limit of nice fish over the next few hours with many throwbacks and some nice bass to boot. There wasn’t any color the fish would hit other than white. All my fish were caught on “Live” Baby Shad by Lake Fork Trophy Lures and the crank bait was dead. With the warm water, it had to be moving slow.





7-6-14 – Top Water Bassin’

My family has a camp in the North East Kingdom on a lake with great bass fishing.  As my wife and I decided to head up for a few days for the 4th of July, I decided that I was only going to bring one rod with me, and one box of lures, including my top water plugs.  Since I was a young kid I have always fished the bass there on using top water baits.  It’s something about the suspense waiting for that explosion as the bass attacks my bait.

My wife and son went to bed early on this particular night so I decided to try my luck.  Equipped with only a small ten foot row boat, a net, and my gear, I rowed to a nice inside turn that has always produced quality fish at dusk.

I started on the furthest rocky point.  My lure of choice was a torpedo.  I like to make long casts with this bait, quickly popping it back to the boat.  Thankfully the water was calm that night and I was able to drift in the direction I wanted to fish.  After about a half hour of no action I made my way in.  I knew that there was a nice deep weed bed in this turn that shelfed up onto a nice sandy flat.

As I worked my way towards the flat making long casts, the fish lunker of the night slammed my bait and jumped about four feet out of the water.  The hit came from the break line, right where the weeds transition onto the sandy flat in about 5 feet of water.  I took this and ran with it making casts to target that depth.  The first fish I landed was a hog. Only being in a small boat it was literally moving the position of the boat as it made it’s effort to throw the bait.  The bass at here are amazing.  A three to four pound average is not uncommon.  This fish probably was pushing four and a half pounds and over twenty inches.

I continued working my way back towards camp and was able to land several more decent smallmouth.  There was something about this trip and fishing without all of the modern technologies and fancy boats that brought me back to my childhood.  More memories in the bank.



5-25-14 – Memorial Day Bass Fishing

So my scouting trip paid off the other day. After launching my boat, I went and picked off a few fish before heading to pick up Kyle and Kam. We had a quick breakfast and hit the water. It was still fairly calm and the bass were biting well.

We started off on a section of shoreline that is usually first to catch for spawning fish. While the fishing was slow, we saw some nice bass cruising the shallows. As we crept along, the fish worked with us. We started off where I would hook the fish and pass the rod. That evolved into me casting and letting them set the hook. Before too long, they were seeing beds that I hadn’t seen and catching them all on their own with good consistency.

We had one spot where we caught probably 10 bass off of 3 beds. With the lull in wind, we were able to sit pretty much stationary while they picked away.

When it was almost lunch time, I asked if they wanted to head back but they wanted to continue! It was great to see them enjoy fishing the way I do.




5-21-14 – Scouting Trip

With Memorial Day coming up quickly, I wanted to go find some bass so that I could take my cousins out for a successful trip. I launched my boat around 10:30 and was on fish right off. The wind was light and dead calm at times. I had more luck catching fish when the wind was blowing but it was far more difficult to sight fish them during those periods.

I was working the shoreline and found that most of the large fish were slightly deeper. Their beds were highly visible in the clear water and the darker the senko the better. Not only were the darker colors easier for me to see but the fish seemed to prefer them as well.

As the hours passed by, I had fished the entire shoreline so I figured it was time to go home rather than keep pounding on spawning fish. Over the course of 5.5 hours, I landed 68 bass and a few pickerel. The numbers landed should have been much higher but I went through periods when it seemed like I couldn’t hook up no matter what I did.